Welcome to ISH Admissions

Welcome to ISH Admissions!

The International School of Helsinki accepts qualified applicants throughout the year, provided the school can offer a suitable program of study for the applicant and space is available.

To begin the admissions process, please fill in our Online Application Form and submit the form in the link below.

Online Application Form

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After completing the application form, you will be asked to upload various documents depending on the grade level admission requirements. We suggest that you take a look at the list of required documents for each grade level and have them available, preferably as a pdf, before you begin. 

For the teacher reference forms, you will need the teacher’s name and email address. If you do not have all documents available right away but would like to start the admissions process as soon as possible, you can submit the application form first and then log back in later to complete the application.

Once the admissions office has received the application form, all required documents, and reference forms from the teachers, an applicant will be considered for admission. 

For additional information, please contact the admissions office.

Katja Lehtonen
Email. ISHadmissions@ishelsinki.fi

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Statement of Anti-Discrimination: At the International School of Helsinki we pursue policies which ensure the equal treatment of all, eschewing discrimination on the basis of gender, gender presentation, ethnic background, nationality, skin color, age, physical abilities, sexual orientation and religious or political views.


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