Student Support Services

Student Support Services

ISH is an inclusive community that challenges, inspires and empowers all students in becoming an independent and engaged learner through individualised, differentiated and responsive teaching and learning.

ISH is characterised by diversity and by our inclusive admission policy. We believe that the support and care of each student needs to be proactive, open to all and integrated into our practice at every level of our school. It is important that each student feels empowered in knowing and expressing their true selves and valued for their unique cultural and personal voice.

Student support at ISH includes, but is not limited to, services provided for students with additional educational needs (both to access and/or extend and enrich the learning), students acquiring English language and students who have social emotional and/or behavioral needs.

The student support team is comprised of the head and deputy head of school, the school nurse, learning support and EAL teachers, the PYP/MYP/DP counselors, community counselor, PYP/MYP/DP coordinators, school psychologist, learning support specialist/speech pathologist, SST educational assistants and the classroom/subject area and specialist teachers represented in both divisions and coordinated by the individualised learning coordinator. 

In some cases, if a student presents with a learning difference that may affect their ability to be successful at ISH we might ask for additional admissions information. We expect families to share all the information that they have so we can reach the right decision together. We want to make sure that every student that we admit is set up for success. 

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