Annual Fees 2024-2025

The International School of Helsinki is a private school operating on the basis of tuition fees. The school receives grants from both the Finnish and the US governments; however, these grants cover only a portion of the school’s annual expenses.

For more information about the fees, please click the link below:

ISH Fee Schedule 2024-2025

ISH students of  Early Years programs Discovery and Explorers who will not turn 6 years before to 31.12, and have a municipality of residence in Finland are likely to be eligible for KELA private daycare support.

Typically full-time daycare support averages around 500 €/month/child. There can be a difference in the support amount depending on the family’s financial situation and/or if the child is registered in a municipality other than Helsinki. More information can be found here.

Please note that families themselves need to apply for payments. Instructions for the application process can be found here

Please inform our Business Office when you submit your application, then the school will accomplish their part (electronic WH2 form). In case of a positive decision, Kela pays support amounts directly to the school once a month, and the school credits these amounts against your tuition fee invoices.

For more information about fees and invoicing, please contact our business office. 

Ms. Veronika Alexandrovich 

Ms. Han Li

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