Admissions Policy

General Principles

We welcome children of all nationalities whose families are committed to an international educational curriculum in English. Guided by the School’s vision, mission and values, candidates will be eligible for admission at ISH based on the following admissions principles:

  • The School being able to meet the educational needs of the applicant within its programme of teaching and learning
  • The ability of the applicant to meet the attendance and behavioral expectations of the School.

ISH is committed to a fair and transparent admissions process. Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability or religious beliefs.

The school wishes to accept all eligible applicants. When the above admissions principles have been satisfied, eligibility is based on space availability.

The school accepts students throughout the academic year as long as adequate space is available and the student meets our admissions principles. In most circumstances, the school does not accept students who will be enrolled for less than one semester.

Admission may not be granted to students who are not able to clearly demonstrate that they will be living with one parent or a designated guardian while they are studying at the school.

It is important that families share all relevant background information when applying for admission so that the school can make a professional assessment of the suitability of our programme. Non-disclosure of relevant information may result in the school not being able to meet the educational needs of an admitted student.

Applicants for Grade 12 will need to be assessed carefully to ensure that there is a successful pathway to graduation at ISH based on prior educational experience.

English Language Requirements

English is the academic and social language of the school.

  • The School accepts students with no previous English language experience from Discovery (aged 4 to 5) to Grade 8.
  • Applicants to our High school, (grades 9 to 12) should demonstrate sufficient English language proficiency to enable them to be successful within our High School Diploma programme.

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